Strengthening local communities through renewable energy

At Ørsted, we’re making a lasting impact through real investments and long-term partnerships with local communities.

We’ve invested billions supporting the build-out of local offshore wind industries around the globe. This includes investing in local facilities, creating thousands of highly skilled jobs, and developing an end-to-end, export-orientated local supply chain.

In Korea, we estimate our Incheon offshore wind project could create over 1,500 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs. This is a fantastic opportunity to foster young talents in Incheon, while supporting Korea in achieving its energy transition goals.

How do offshore wind turbines work?
Learn how offshore wind captures the natural energy of the ocean breeze to power our homes and businesses.

Nurturing local talent

In Korea, we’ve recognised the strength of academia in supporting the green transition.

In the early stages of project development, Ørsted partnered with Mokpo National University in 2020 and Inha University in 2021 to strengthen industry-academic collaboration through exchanges of offshore wind-related knowledge and experience. These collaborations are aimed at cultivating future talent and developing the local supply chain.

We expect to expand such collaborations by establishing a talent training programme as the projects mature.

We’re a long-term investor. When we enter a market, we do so with the ambition of still being active 50 years from now. We’re committed to cultivating the local talent pool to support not just our Incheon offshore wind projects, but also other any future projects, ensuring sustainable and healthy development of the offshore wind industry in Korea.

Fostering a strong, sustainable local supply chain

Ørsted is not new to Korea’s offshore wind market. In fact, we recognised Korea’s great potential to become a leader in offshore wind long before any other offshore wind developer.

Since 2013, we've worked with many Korean suppliers in our global portfolios and have provided more than 2.3 trillion Won worth of contracts to Korean suppliers. We’re ready to further collaborate with our suppliers in their domestic market and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Black smith supplier working

Example: A new vision for Grimsby

Grimsby, on the east coast of England, was once the world's largest fishing port, but experienced the effects of post - industrial decline when the city's base economy declined. In collaboration with the wind power industry, the coastal city has developed a new vision with a focus on offshore wind power.

Since we opened our office in Grimsby Harbour in 2014, our investments, including £ 10 million for an expansion of our operation and maintenance facility (East Coast Hub), have helped breathe new life into the harbor. The award-winning facility, built by local company Hobson and Porter, currently employs over 370 people. These are long-term, highly skilled jobs that will be needed during the 25-year life of our wind farms.

Our vision

Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy