About us

Accelerating Korea’s green energy transition

We’re a renewable energy company taking tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

We were the first energy company to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, and we’ll be the first to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

With over three decades of experience in offshore wind, we’re ready to support Korea’s ambitious renewable energy goals and reap the many benefits of the green transition.

Per Mejnert Kristensen, President of Ørsted Asia Pacific

We hope to bring our long-term experience to support Korea’s energy transition, delivering substantial local benefits and building trust among local stakeholders, including fishermen and residents.

Per Mejnert Kristensen,
President of Ørsted Asia Pacific.

Global experience, local expertise

Ørsted plays a key role in the global energy industry. Our large-scale offshore wind farms do more than mitigate climate change. They also enable local suppliers and communities to grow the national economy.

Globally, we’re leaders in offshore wind, with one in four wind turbines installed by us. We’ve currently built enough offshore wind to power 9.5 million people, and by 2025, our ambition is to power 30 million people.

With more than 3000 in-house colleagues dedicated to offshore wind, we’re the world’s number one knowledge centre. This puts us at the forefront of renewable energy technologies and innovations, including renewable hydrogen.

We leverage more than 30 years of experience to support new markets in building a comprehensive offshore wind eco-system, always respecting that each country has different ways of building trust and developing meaningful relationships.

Leading the global renewables revolution

Since building the world’s first offshore wind farm in Denmark in 1991, we’ve gained unrivalled experience and know-how, defining the industry as it exists today.

We’ve installed more than 1,600 offshore wind turbines in Europe, North America and Asia.

Since then, we’ve maintained a market-leading position in offshore wind, and have a growing portfolio of onshore wind farms, solar farms, and energy storage facilities. Today, we’re also pioneering the renewable technologies of tomorrow, such as green hydrogen.

Unlocking Korea’s offshore wind potential

Offshore wind is an emerging industry in Asia, and there is an urgent need to establish a framework and build the talent pool to support long-term development across the region.

Korea has vast offshore wind potential. Extensive coastlines, favourable wind conditions, and a stable network of existing local suppliers create a solid foundation for the wind industry to grow.

With a clear and effective regulatory system, coupled with strategic investments in infrastructure, Korea will be able to successfully expand offshore wind power generation.

One of the world’s most sustainable energy companies

In just ten years, we transformed our business from one of the most fossil fuel-intensive to a company 100% focused on renewables.